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PIgment Concerns
no iron oxide vs. iron oxide


Pigments that contain iron oxide do not stay true to original color. I have Softap pigment in my brows. It was implanted in 1996. It has been orange since 1997. We quit using iron oxide shortly there after; we contacted our previous clients and corrected their strange colors with our pigments. It took several days and lots of work to correct the problems that originated by Softap pigments. This was lost time and time equals money. I have not taken the Softap pigment from my brow, because I use it to demonstrate the color change. Pigment retailers advertise color correctors, should raise a question in your mind about their pigments needing correcting. We do not sell color correctors and our customers do not come back with odd colors. I suppose if your only interest is in teaching classes for a living and never see the models again it does not matter. We have an active salon and do not move around the country. If our customers ever had problem, they know where we are. My question is; if you are a teaching permanent makeup why use a product that changes color?


Is equal in both iron oxide and non iron oxide pigments. We have customers that have very good color retention after 7 years. Color retention is due to proper pigment implantation. The difference is iron oxide pigments will change in approximately 3 years. Brown to orange or mauve, black to blue etc.


If you have a medical problem and require to have an MRI, you may have two problems. Click to read about iron oxide pigments problems. Softap is one of the larger companies using iron oxide pigments. They have a good marketing program. If you remember a few years ago there was a company that developed silicon breast implants and did very well for a number of years. We now know they were sued and filed bankruptcy. It is my belief that those technicians using pigments with iron oxide will pay a price some day. Why would anyone want to take that chance? We are aware that the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals endorses iron oxide pigments and have a Doctor speaking on behalf of iron oxide pigments. Question how much research did this Doctor do.

a. How many in the study group.
b. How long was the study group.
c. Has her findings been published.




Softap is one of the larger distributor has approximately 50 shades of pigments. They price them at $18.50 each x 50 = $925.00. The size of Softap's containers come in 1/8 ounce; the size of our container is 1 ounce. You get 8 times as much product from our pigment container. The cost of our 1-ounce of pigment is only $27.00. These large containers are for the very active salon and last along time. We do sell a 1/3-ounce for $10.00. You get twice the product at half of Softap's price. We carry only 16 colors x 10.00 = $160.00. You can create all of Softap’s 50 colors. It takes less than 3 minutes to create any color.

It puzzles me why anyone would want to store and maintain 50 of Softaps colors at ($925.00) when 16 pigments could create all of Softap colors. Our 16 pigments do not restrict you to only 50 shades of color. Our price is $150.00 for the complete set of medium size pigments. The technicians that buy Softaps 50 colors will have popular and unpopular shades of color. You will end up disposing of the unpopular colors. I used Softaps colors in 1996 and that is what happened to me. When I decided to create my own distributing company, I wanted to make sure there was no waste. Technicians with any good training can create colors.


Softap has a pot style container that pigments are scooped out with a spatula. This large opening increases the chance of cross contamination. Our sterile pigments have always been packaged in a dropper top bottle since 1997 eliminating this chance of cross contamination. Softap is now making it known they are finally changing their pigment containers.

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